Livestock Fattener Pellet - 50 KG

Livestock Feed Pellet (small) from Naffa'a is specialized for camels, sheep and goats. Recommended to use alongside dry feeds. It contains a foundational formula for sustenance and production, enhancing for sustenance and production, enhancing livestock optimum health.

Energy2800 Kcal
Crude Protein15.00%
Crude Fiber6.50%
Crude Fat3.50%
Copper8.19 mg
Selenium0.15 mg
Sodium2383.60 mg
Potassium10500.5 mg
Vitamin A1883.33 IU
Vitamin D3436.00 IU
Vitamin E24.18 IU
Cobalt0.39 mg
Iodine1.10 mg
Iron199.61 mg
Magnesium340.60 mg
Maganese116.91 mg
Zinc106.09 mg
IndicationsFeeding Livestock
Estimated quantities for the targeted animal per dayCamel : 4-9 Kg/Head Cow : 4-10 Kg/Head Goat : 1.00 – 1.50 Kg/Head Sheep : 0.50 – 1.50 Kg/ Head
Animal SpeciesFeeds to camels, cows, goats & sheep
Warning & PrecautionsFeed to livestock only Wear protective gloves, protection glasses, face mask and protective cloths,
Storage ConditionIn dry place & away from sunlight. Temperature & humidity should not exceed 350 C and 50%
Name & Address of manufacturerFirst Mills
Country of productionKingdom of Saudi Arabia Phone (+966) 92 00 10375 E-mail:
Expiry Date6 Months from Production Date, Opened bags should be use within 10 days
Net Weight50 Kg