Eng. Abdullah Ababtain

Welcome to First Mills, a company that is dedicated to playing a leading role in advancing the national food security of Saudi Arabia. We pride ourselves in our ability to produce and distribute the finest flour, feed, bran, and wheat derivatives throughout the Kingdom. Integrating Vision 2030 with our own, our commitment to providing sustenance to the people and supporting the national economy is evident in our annual operational plan. This plan covers all flour market requirements and ensures that we maintain a large stock of flour in our warehouses, ready to meet any potential domestic demands for an extended period of time.

With people’s best interests at our core, First Mills strives to produce exceptional products that meet global standards, utilizing only the latest state-of-the-art technology. We never compromise on quality, and as a result, our products are free from preservatives, allowing both businesses and households to enjoy the full nutritional benefits of our innovative offering.

Given the current trajectory of our company, it is my firm belief that together, we will establish ourselves as the leading player in the Saudi food and feed sector in terms of volumes, revenue, and market share in flour production. Additionally, we aim to expand our network beyond the region to export to surrounding countries.

As the CEO of this remarkable enterprise, I have full confidence in the potential of our employees, who exhibit exceptional dedication, passion, and skill toward our collective mission. So whether it be a customer, business owner, or partner, we deeply value the trust placed in us and are committed to providing the highest level of service to all stakeholders.