Lamb Feed 21 - 50 KG

Lamb Feed 21 from Naffa’a is formulated with vital minerals and vitamins to support the growth of lambs. Intended for direct feeding.

Energy2900.00 Kcal
Crude Protein21.00%
Moisture10.00 %
Dietary Fibers14%
Crude Fiber9.20%
Crude Fat2.88%
Copper11.57 mg
Selenium0.20 mg
Sodium2200 mg
Potassium12400 mg
Vitamins A7470 IU
Vitamin D31334.39 IU
Vitamin E30.50 IU
Cobalt0.68 mg
Iodine1075 mg
Iron213.36 mg
Magnesium2600.00 mg
Manganese117.82 mg
Zinc77.22 mg
IndicationsFeeding Lamb
Daily Feed Quantity1.5 – 2.0 Kg/Head
Animal SpeciesLamb
Warning & PrecautionsFeed to Sheep & Goat only. Wear protective gloves, protection glasses, face mask and protective cloths
Storage ConditionIn dry place & away from sunlight. Temperature & humidity should not exceed 350 C and 50%
Name & Address of manufacturerFirst Mills
Country of productionKingdom of Saudi Arabia Phone (+966) 92 00 10375 E-mail:
Expiry Date6 Months from Production Date, Opened bags should be use within 10 days
Net Weight50 kg