Complete Crushed Feed - 40 KG

Complete Crushed Feed from Naffa’a specialized for camels, sheep and goats. Recommended to use alongside dry feeds. It contains a foundational formula for sustenance and production, enhancing livestock optimum health.

Energy2850 Kcal
Crude Protein15.00 %
Moisture10.00 %
Crude Fiber8.70 %
Crude Fat3.40 %
Calcium1.00 %
Phosphorous0.70 %
Copper8.19 mg
Selenium0.15 mg
Sodium2383.60 mg
Potassium10500.35 mg
Vitamins A1883.33 IU
Vitamin D3436.00 IU
Vitamin E24.18 IU
Cobalt0.39 mg
Iodine1.10 mg
Iron199.61 mg
Magnesium340.60 mg
Manganese116.91 mg
Zinc106.09 mg
IndicationsFeeding camels, cow, goat & sheep
Estimated quantities for the targeted animal per dayCamel : 5-7 Kg/Head Cow : 4-7 Kg/Head Goat : 0.60 – 1.50 Kg/Head Sheep : 0.60 – 1.50 Kg/ Head
Animal SpeciesFeeds to camels, cows, goats & sheep
Warning & PrecautionsFeed to livestock only Wear protective gloves, protection glasses, face mask and protective cloths.
Storage ConditionIn dry place & away from sunlight. Temperature & humidity should not exceed 350 C and 50%
Name & Address of manufacturerFirst Mills
Country of productionKingdom of Saudi Arabia Phone (+966) 92 00 10375 E-mail:
Expiry Date6 Months from Production Date,Opened bags should be use within 10 days
Net Weight40 Kg